There is a regular Quiz night every Wednesday – 8.30 pm start which takes place in both the lounge and the bar depending on numbers of teams.  We say up to a maximum of 4 people per team with a little flexibility.

It is a  light hearted quiz – nothing too serious but a bit of fun mid week


Simple Rules: 
1. The Question Master is always right
2. If the Question Master is ever wrong, please refer to rule one.

The Landlady is the question master and has the absolute word!

There are always some words she cannot pronounce and with her accent  it all makes for a bit of light entertainment. 

It has been said that she is open to bribes for clues for an answer – We only ever cheat fairly!!!  It is not serious just a bit of midweek fun and a bit of normality,

You should see her when she has a fit of the giggles – there is no controlling her!